Some people are right brained, some are left, Ashly somehow functions in the middle. Her passion for art has led her to an associate degree and minor in theatre. Her ability to organize has led to a number of leadership positions. Her passion for teaching has led her through a 10 year teaching career where she taught theatre, broadcasting, music and math (there’s that left brain, again) in various school districts including all grades K-12. Her passion for helping others has led her to a masters in counseling, which she will be finishing next summer. Ashly loves helping women find their voice and their power, raising children to like themselves, and applying gospel stories to everyday life. In a given day you’ll find her herding children at her in-home daycare, texting support to clients, running groups for women facing betrayal trauma, working on her master’s degree, and being a solo mom to two incredible girls. She’s certain sleep will come when grad school is over and her youngest is in kindergarten….right?

Ashly Hunter