Through difficult challenges and experiences in her own life and relationships, Hali Roderick was led to the opportunity to help others who are walking a similar journey as a Life Coach and Betrayal Trauma Coach. She uses a Christ-centered approach to healing and can help you realize your divine potential while savoring the journey along the way regardless of the storms that rage around you.  Hali thrives on helping women rise from the ashes of disappointment, betrayal, and grief to emerge as the strong and confident individuals they have always wanted to be! In addition to helping adults, Hali is also passionate about helping young men and young women to get clear on their identity as a son or daughter of God and to make choices that will set them up for success now and in the future! Hali is on the Leadership Team of both the Worth Group and the Daughters of Light program at Life Changing Services as well as the Leadership Team at Choose Recovery Services.

Hali Roderick