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Mind//Body/Soul Consultant

Gymnast. Archaeologist. Ice Skater. Firefighter. These are all things that Kristi is not (but would be delighted to be). Kristi has a passion for the 5 Big C's: connection, culture, creativity, confidence, and chocolate. To the disappointment of many professors, Kristi chose to become a dance instructor because of the scientific method. She found that she could integrate more life skills through the vehicle of dance than through any other subject. Kristi understands the power of the mind-body-soul connection and has utilized kinesiology, anatomy, somatics, Bartenieff Fundamentals, choreography, meaning-making, improvisation, visualization, personality testing, yoga, mindfulness, prayer, faith, hope, etc. as tools to help those she encounters to be the best versions of themselves.
She saw a need for identity and community and created a brand new dance team at the public high school. It was a credit to this team that many lives were saved during the 10 years she taught there. She has also taught ages 3-19 for over 16 years where she's not only been an advocate for childhood, but she has also been able to empower young girls with self-confidence and a zest for life.
Kristi's zest has taken her all around the world but loves coming back home to her 3 beautiful adopted children.
Kristi believes in first, having healthy dreams, and second, following them! The question for Kristi has always been, "Which one?!" She is currently following her dream of becoming a picture book author and hopes to create stories that bring adults and kids together, that show more children that look like her children, and that facilitate more imagination, creativity, empowerment, movement, and out-of-the-box thinking.